The Coding Club of Hasmukh Goswami College of Engineering

#Code is an initiative process to start a “Coding Club” in the campus of Hasmukh Goswami College of Engineering that will help students of Computer and IT to expand and develop their Logical, Programming and Communication skills with practical approach to enhance their knowledge about their field.

#Code has two major poles, Web Development and Artificial Intelligence. The reason behind preferring these sectors is students aren’t aware the use of these technologies in practical world.

Major role of Web Development is designing a website or an application, creating User Interface, creating logos and much more. Web Development consists of designing of a website or an application which may help to get a better User Interface to attract end user. Technologies and tools which are basically used to develop or design a website are HTML 5, CSS, pHp, BOOTSTRAP, and Photoshop.
A major thrust of Artificial Intelligence is in the development of computer functions associated with human intelligence, such as reasoning, learning, and problem solving. The field of Machine Learning originally, we can consider it as a subfield of AI – was concerned with the development of algorithms so that computers can automatically learn (predictive) models from data. The development of Artificial Intelligence is based on the fundamentals of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing merged using Data Structure and Algorithms.
  • Students enrolled to this Program should attend all the ‘Sessions’ compulsory.
  • Working Report should be submitted weekly in given time instructed by ‘Mentors’ or ‘Coordinators’ (beneficious for members, go through Benefits).
  • Misuse of privilege is strictly not allowed, if one caught his/her membership will be declined immediately.
  • During session, members must bring their laptop for better access of resources.
  • Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. aren’t allowed, for communication one can access Whatsapp, LinkedIn, GitHub etc. if someone caught using social media strict actions will be taken by mentors.
  • Student can prefer only one course at a time either “Web Development” or “Machine Learning”.
  • Enrolled students will be groomed with Certificates.
  • Students can enhance their practical knowledge in “Web Development” and “Machine Learning” as well.
  • Students can interact with the live projects, competition etc. which will pay back them in further semesters.
  • Enrolled Students will be graced with good internal marks if their “Working Report” submitted according to the requirements of the mentors and coordinators.
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Prof. Ashvin Prajapati

Prof. Ashvin Prajapati

Head of Computer Department

Head of Exam Commitee

CE Department



Prof. Ashvin Prajapati

Prof. Hitesh Patel

Head of IT Department

Head of Website Commitee

CE Department



Prof. Ashvin Prajapati

Meet Mahajan

Class Representative

8th CE 'A'



Prof. Ashvin Prajapati

Yash Khatri

Class Representative

8th CE 'A'